Emendo Bioscience Limited
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PE20 2ZD
United Kingdom
Emendo began life when Rachel Carol won the BBSRC Biotechnology YES in 2001 and the University of East Anglia Innovation Business Plan Competition in November 2002. 'Emendo' is Latin for 'I emend'. The Oxford English Dictionary definition of 'emend' is 'to correct and revise a text' which is exactly what we do.
Dr Rachel Carol “My goal is to make your science stand out.”

Dr Rachel Carol has been advising peers on how to use the English language for many years. At primary school in Lancashire her schoolmates would regularly consult her on tricky spellings like whether there should be an ‘h’ in ‘when’. Based on her writing ability, she gained the Roger Kay scholarship to attend Bury Grammar School. She later studied Natural Sciences at St. John’s College, Cambridge where she was awarded a Lister scholarship. She was introduced to the rigours of biological research as a Scientific Officer at the renowned Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge before completing a PhD in Biological Sciences at the John Innes Centre in Norwich. Her research work published in journals like Nature, Science, EMBO Journal and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA has been cited many times. She maintains a research interest in horticultural bioinformatics and is a member of the International Society for Horticultural Science. Rachel is an Expert Evaluator in the EU Seventh Framework programme and a member of the European Association of Science Editors and associate member of the Society of Biology. She is currently writing a popular science book about the most powerful substances on Earth and is learning the art and science of ceramics.
Emendo specialises in editing English texts with biomedical content for academic research and for biotechnology enterprises. We are not restricted to these areas though. We have edited documents for museum exhibitions, tourism, charities, authors, businesses and even rock concerts. So if you have a document that needs checking, please don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.
Emendo Bioscience is based in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. This market town and dock at the mouth of the Wash is surrounded by the fertile Fenland. Boston is famous as the point from which the ‘pilgrim fathers’ embarked on a voyage to seek a new life and religious freedom in North America at the beginning of the 17th century. John Cotton, the former parish priest, was later responsible for founding the famous city of Boston in Massachusetts, USA. The 800-year-old parish church St. Botolph’s is the largest in the country and has an unusual architecture including an octagonal lantern tower, creating a landmark nicknamed the Stump. The local football team Boston Town is aptly nicknamed the Pilgrims.
In 2012 Emendo Bioscience will set up a bioscience research consultancy in the Paris region of France. Contact rachel@emendo.co.uk for more details.
Emendo Bioscience is honoured to partner the Société Française de Biologie Végétale. SFBV members can receive a 10% discount on the cost of editing. Why not join SFBV now?